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Hi my name is Seth. I am in Room 1 and 2 at Carlton, Whanganui,New Zealand. I'm a year 6 and my favorite things are playing games and drawing.

Friday, 9 December 2016


We have been asked to make a slide show on goggle slide about the bugs we found
when we were scavenging for bugs. Here is my research.

Monday, 7 November 2016


For one of our contract tasks we had to make a ad for our CO2 car race here is mine.

Friday, 14 October 2016

How To Make A Spinning Top


Bottle top


  • First you need to drill a hole in the center of the bottle top.
  • Then put the bottle top on the cardboard and trace around the bottle top.
  • Afterwords you can cut out the cardboard.
  • Now you can decorate the cardboard.
  • Put a hole in the center of the cardboard make sure the bottle top hole is in line with it.
  • After that you can try and put the cardboard inside of the bottle top. You should have no problem if you did it correctly.   
  • Soon put the skewer though the hole in the cardboard and bottle top.
  • Finally play with your spinning top and have fun. 


Have a adult to help with the drill
Don't prick your self,

Thursday, 22 September 2016


In class we have been learning erosion and how to stop erosion.  This is the prezi I did about it.

The Whanganui river

We had to make a glog using glogster about how we use the Whanganui river. This is mine.

Monday, 12 September 2016


    Image result for Whanganui river
  1. Awsome to swim and kayak in
  2. Big as a blue whale
  3. Cold as the bottom of the ocean
  4. Dirty as a crocodiles teeth 
  5. Erosion, it erodes the sides away becoming bigger and bigger
  6. Fast flowing water speeding down the hill going faster then we thought  
  7. Green water
  8. It is high and only getting bigger 
  9. Ice cold
  10. Jumping of briges
  11. Kayaking down and up the river
  12. Long as a city
  13. The water from the mountains flow down hills filling up the river
  14. Never stops growing
  15. Old
  16. Precipitation
  17. Quick as a crocodile attacking
  18. Rivers form to make one huge river
  19. Sewage going down the river
  20. Tail
  21. Ulitimintly fast
  22. Very fast current
  23. Water vapour
  24. X exciting to visit
  25. Yucky
  26. Zig zag

Acrostic Poem About The Wanganui River

Image result for Whanganui riverAlways growing
Never clean
Great for swiming
Awful for drinking
Never clear
Under rated

Ice cold
Very green
Rivers connected to form one big one

Cartoon About The River

We where challenge to make a cartoon about the Wanganui river by hand or on toondoo.com . Here is mine.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Writing workshop 14 Prove It T3 W1

L.I:Can I use alterations?

I was rushing down the road and I saw a bouncing blue ball crossing the road. It was huge then I couldn't believe my eyes! It was a gigantic icy ice ice block ship as big as big can be. There captain was the worst. His name was Igloo Icy eye the llX. I saw a gigantic garlic green cob corn! Big as big can be I decided to run before I got into any trouble. I looked at the time and I was late for school.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Reflection T2 W10

  • What:Last week we had the best W.H.S production ever.  It was breath taking and hilarious. I couldn't believe it. It was called Snow White and the seven Dudes instead of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. We have also been practicing for assembly.  I'm shocked and I also get stage fright! I am really nervous. I kind of don't want to do this but today is the day that we speak in front of the whole entire school. Me and my buddy have finally finished our Habits Of Mind poster.  We had to make a poster for striving for accuracy.  It was a lot of work but we got it done.       

    Image result for carlton school wanganui assembly
  •  Now what:I learnt that if I try hard and never give up on something I will complete it.

  • So what:My old goal was to never give up I think I achieved it.  My new goal is to finish my work on time.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Reflection T2 W9

What:On Friday afternoon last week we had house meetings. (Its when we go to our colored  house that we got putt into when we started school.) My house Puriri (red) had to decide on what our chant would be, what song we are going to have and how we are going to present it. W.I.S had the day off so most of them came here for the day. Purere came to our class and stayed there the whole day. Last week we also made poi for technology to celebrate Puanga the star that we see instead of Matariki.      

Image result for puanga

Now what:I learnt how to make a 4 way poi plat.

So what: My old goal is to never give up. I haven't achieved that yet because I keep making false estimations in maths and getting the answers wrong. I will work on this.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Workshop 13 Prove It

L.I.Can I use carefully selected adjectives,nouns,verbs and adverbs?

Lets go! I can't wait to leave and go to Upper Hut! It's been a long journey but we aren't half way yet. We have stopped to take a brake. We strolled to the street wise coffee shop. It was dark black with some silver. I got a hot chocolate with marshmallows. My mum and step dad got coffee with chocolate shaped like coffee beans. My supper hot chocolate was burning my tounge. Then we are back on the road in our shiny orange Altezza. Finally we're there. The weather was hot and blindly sunny. First we went to my mums sister to get a haircut, then we went to my poppa's house.          

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Word Activity T2 W7

This week for our word activity we chose a boring describing word and found better words. Here is mine.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Reflection W7T2

Image result for whanganui riverWhat: Last week we switched groups. For technology one group did cooking another group did sowing and my group started to make name tags on tinker cad which is a web site so you can make everything you can imagine for the 3D printer. When you're done, you send it to your 3D printer. Then it builds it. We also continued with our patterned buildings. We were allowed to use every pattern we can think of. On Thursday or Friday we did a test on what we think about how the river has had a impacted on the community. We were split into groups, then we thought what things where good,negative and interesting.        

Now what: Last week I learnt that the river is at least the 3rd biggest river in New Zealand.

So what: My old goal was to never give up. I think I haven't achieved that yet because sometimes I have been giving up on my work and not getting it done. I will keep working on this.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Reading Activity Needling an Elephant

This week my group have been reading Needling an Elephant. Kashin is a elephant that its front left leg is so saw that when it sleeps it stands up or sleeps on its right leg. They need to use acupuncture to help the pain.

1.Acupuncture is a way to treat illness and injury.

2.Acupuncture is a needle you need to target the right spots to help ease the pain.

3.When it's been 20 minutes you take out the needle.

4.Acupuncture can not be put anywhere.

5. You need to put acupuncture where the bones are needling an elphant is harder because you can't feel where the bones are because its tough hide.

          Image result for elephant

Maori farewells

Yesterday in He Puna Hangahanga we made a Toondoo. A Toondoo is a web site you use to make comic strip. This time we used it to show Maori farewells. Here is mine.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Witing Prove It

L.I. Can I use full stop, question marks and exclamation marks?

It was a cool gray morning at the creak and we decided to go swimming so we geared up! Splash! Jay did a bally flop. We decided to play hide and go seek. I was in. I found Jay in the bush, mum in the trees but there was one person I couldn't find, my sister where could she be? I searched the whole creek, there was no sign of her. After we searched the creak we looked in our cabin. It wasn't long until we heard a scream. We couldn't help to think who that was? We set out to the creak and there she was. Apparently that is a feeding ground for crocodiles at night! We got her out just in time. She said she was alright. We took off and went home.        

Building a house

On Wednesday in He punan Hangahanga we built houses out of straws. We were put into groups. In our group there was Jake, Alex, Davante' and Ricky. We where told to make a structurally sound house out of straws and Blu tack. We had 15 minutes to build it. We didn't finish in time because some people didn't join in or share their opinions and ideas. We had great ideas, the ones who shared theirs. Our building did not stay standing because it was not finished.

Monday, 30 May 2016

Reflection W5 T2

What:Last week we watched videos about persisting and never giving up.  We also made a bulls eye. Each time we hit the target we folded it. The team that had smallest piece of paper as the target won. We only have 20 minutes to the competition that was too short for us I thought. Last week we also made a popplet. I didn't get to finish mine because my buddy wasn't here.
Image result for A popplet
Now what:I learnt that when I throw something with less force, it helps with my accuracy.

So what: My old goal was to not to get distracted but I don't think I have achieved it because as I speak I am distracted.